Dear Customer, We wish to inform you, pursuant to art. 13 D. Decree Law 196/2003, which BICOM Ltd will process the personal information you provide in accordance with the Code on the protection of personal data.
In particular, we provide the following information:
1. The non-sensitive personal information you provide will be used:
• to understand and analyze your requests for information in order to offer our best solutions;
• to find and for handling mail;
• to perform tasks relating to the sale and delivery of products or services;
• the specification of the contract;
• For accounting purposes, tax or banking, arising from legal obligations.

2. The processing of personal data will be carried out using tools that through hard copy, by appropriate means to prevent data loss, misuse or improper and unauthorized access.

3. The conferment of personal data is optional for the application of information is required to fulfill legal and contractual obligations and refusal to provide such data would involve the continuation of our relationship.

4. The non-sensitive personal data you provide may be disclosed to our suppliers for them to perform our activities, our accountant Study consultant for tax advice, management accounting, for the preparation of tax returns, VAT returns and other declarative models provided by law.

5. The data controller is: BICOM COLLE SRL VIA VERDE 17 40069 Zola Predosa - BO P. IVA 00686201203 COD FISC 03990390373 TEL 051 759225 FAX 051 755272 The controller is: JAMES BARBIERI COD FISC BRBGCM73S15A944Q Personal data will be processed by our internal staff .